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Laguna Friends of Architecture (LFA) is an informal non-profit group created by volunteers to foster the appreciation and understanding of fine Architecture and Design.  Through lectures, films and home tours LFA provides a venue whereby people with a passion for Architecture can gather and learn about the history of buildings, communities and the architects who envisioned them.


LFA meets regularly to present events and topics related to Architectural design, featuring a variety of home tours, knowledgeable guest speakers, interesting films and other presentations.  Our social events also give you a chance to meet many local artists, architects, builders, musicians and other talented people in a friendly informal setting.

Laguna Friends of Architecture was founded in 2012 by Architect David Parker, Architect Thomas Stewart, and Realtor Sean McCracken.  LFA continues to actively organize events with the planning and assistance of a core group of enthusiastic volunteers.

2019 LFA Core Group-crop.jpg
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